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The Homecoming - ফেরা

Garaner Gahine

The Homecoming - ফেরা

The Homecoming - ফেরা
Fahmida Munni
Short Information

About :Monirul Islam
Type :Documentary
Duration :27 min
Production :Bengal Foundation
Producer :Bengal Foundation

Available on DVD, BFDVD0002. The film ‘Phera’ (The Homecoming) takes into account Monirul Islam’s life and work, and explores his enduring connection with his roots. Monir left for Spain four decades ago. Away from his homeland, he carried in his heart the vast expanse of the Meghna. In his thoughts, he was never far from Chandpur. Most of his paintings were done in Madrid, but the characteristic sky and rivers of Bangladesh continued to dominate his palette. After he settled in Madrid, Monir concentrated in etching and eventually carved a niche for himself in the European art world. Monir is equally at home with painting. His distinctive abstract expressionist style brings to life a variety of works, no two of which are alike.

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